My portrait taken by Hoss Photography (

My social media has been flooded these last few days and weeks with iPhone photos of various Christmas trees, skiing holidays, beaches in Tobago, turkeys, fancy dress parties, snow in New York – all beautiful and ‘in the moment’.
Documentary and photojournalism is a real love of mine. People everywhere have become journalists on their own lives. A post without a photo is rare. It is not now the sole responsibility of Life or Getty photographers to document our lives and culture. And, I for one, will not be leaving this world without documenting my own life.
However, my grandchildren, colleagues or even strangers are going to be hard pushed to see my life in photos. That is, until I get my butt in gear and remove the photos from my phone.
With this in mind, I started creating an Instagram album (on and realised that here was only one decent photo of me! (Taken by a six year old!). There weren’t that many photos I actually wanted in print and so I have put the project into a long term ‘box’.
Instead, I booked a photo session with my mentor, a studio portrait photographer. The result is the photo above. Me, how I look now. A great gift for my husband, a momento for my kids, a moment in history for my great great grand children. Printed, mounted, framed, delivered within 10 days; hung on the wall forever.
And so it is with I intrepidation and hope that my portrait studio is moving to the high street. Babies to grandparents and everyone in between deserve a decent photo.
Leave your mark, find a photographer to document you. Catalogue your snaps.